The acronym NTF (Natural Touch Finish) refers to a special finish used to enhance the texture of the wood. The effect is obtained through specific sanding and varnishing cycles perfected by Arclinea. The doors are put together with horizontal slats, irregularly alternating striped and half-flame slats,with a prevalence of the former. These are applied to one door at a time, not in series, and this may lead to

half-flame and striped slats alongside one
another in the final kitchen.

“Book matching” is not possible, in other words the line or half-flame between the doors cannot be aligned.
The NTF wood samples are merely indicative as colour, shading and combination of the slats varies from

door to door.


Chestnut and Oak variants have a finish called“Fumé”. This is a natural process that uses ammonia vapour to age the wood. It highlights the natural characteristic of the wood by irregular darkening of its tannins according to their natural distribution
in the log.