Matisse Room Dividers and Premium Doors
Sliding doors
Bring continuity to the space. Rimadesio’s sliding doors propose an architectural concept that makes it
possible to demarcate different spaces, while maintaining a strong sense of unity overall.

Amid transparency, reflections, and colours, dynamic interiors relate to one another, with the design for space and furnishings constitute a whole.
An overall vision that combines technological innovation with stylistic variety, with a view to creating spaces that are ever more in line with individual sensitivities.Aluminium and glass: two natural materials that are environment-friendly and always used for new aesthetic and functional solutions.
Premium doors
For Rimadesio, internal doors, are a type that is the subject of ongoing technological and stylistic research.
The Company has undertaken a real design process with a view to introducing ever new functional innovations, taking maximum advantage of the potential of aluminium extruded sections for creating structures and jambs that provide superior performance.
From transparency to reflections, from the naturalness of wood to the strength of lacquered colours: the Rimadesio range of doors is made up of proposals that are aesthetically different but that also enjoy light movements and complete reliability over time.