• designed by: OMER ARBEL
    manufactured by: BOCCI

    Year of production: 2007

    This low voltage pendant is designed to be clustered into groups. Each individual pendant is a sheet of raw porcelain wrapped around a frosted blown glass diffuser that houses a 20 watt xenon lamp 

    Popular residential and commercial applications include clusters over tables in dining rooms and restaurants, accessory lighting in living rooms and baths, linear configurations over bars and kitchen islands, large clusters in lobbies, foyers and other private and public spaces, and single pendants as points of interest.


  • The mini canopy is just over 29mm in diameter and 13mm deep, which creates a subtle profile that will essentially disappear into the application surface. The 21.1m is recommended for new build applications where the intent is to create a cluster or cloud of 21 pendants in a room, without causing a negative visual impact on the ceiling plane.

    The round, brushed nickel canopy comes standard with 3m of coaxial cable. Additional cable lengths are available in increments of 3m up to 36m for special requests The 21.1m is a strain relief connection, which allows for the pendant length to be adjusted on site. 

    The deep canopy is 116mm in diameter and 40mm deep. It is designed for surface mounted applications that cannot make use of a junction box or ceiling cavity. The canopy is completely enclosed by a backplate, which houses the transformer. The 21.1 is a strain relief connection, which allows for the pendant length to be adjusted on site.

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