• designed by: OMER ARBEL
    manufactured by: BOCCI

    Year of production: 2013 

    57 is an exploration of a technique of making analogous to that used for producing closed cell foam. The process involves trapping voids of air of different sizes and configurations within a glass matrix, yielding a shape loosely referencing a rain cloud. These pockets of air remain invisible when the piece is off, but come alive to reveal an interior universe when the piece is illuminated. By virtue of the fabrication process, each piece made is completely unique from any other piece ever produced. 
    A flexible suspension system allows for easy composition: pendants may be clustered such that they touch each other, referencing a cloudy sky (an especially poignant reference in the City of Vancouver, where the idea was born); they may also be composed as a field, such that each piece can be perceived individually, perhaps referencing a child's drawing of a cloud (equally poignant but in a more universal manner). Most chandeliers are fundamentally vertical in composition, which is why they work best in rooms with high ceilings; in contrast, 57 is conceived as a layer or strata of light, or in other words: a horizontal chandelier. 
    Due to the hand crafted nature of the 57 series, the pendant size as well as colour depth and tonality will vary. This includes the number and location of interior air pockets, pendant diameter, colour and sometimes shape.


  • This 57.19 designates a 57 series chandelier with 19 pendants mounted to a white-powder coated canopy. This chandelier is designed to be horizontal, meaning that the pendants don't hang directly below, but instead trail off across a space, around a corner or simply deviate from its gravitational directive. As such, this chandelier can be hung from a swag point mounted elsewhere from the canopy. The 57.19 is recommended for existing or newly built applications where the intent is to create a large cluster or cloud of pendants in a room. 
    Popular residential and commercial applications include large clusters in foyers and lobbies in both private and public spaces. Due to the horizontal nature of this chandelier, it can be spread far across a room with a lower ceiling height as well, such as a restaurant or lounge. 
    The length of coax as well as the drop of the pendant must be specified at production.