• designed by: OMER ARBEL
    manufactured by: BOCCI

    Year of production: 2010

    This is a low voltage chandelier; each individual pendant results from a complex glass blowing technique creating completely unique spheres. The pendants are composed of a collection of inner “satellites”, one of which is an opaque milk white glass bubble that houses a 20 watt xenon lamp. Popular residential and commercial applications include hanging above tables in dining rooms and restaurants, accessory lighting for living room and bath, atmospheric lighting in kitchens, bedrooms and closets, and using multiple chandeliers to create impactful installations in large spaces.


  • The pendants of the 28.3 form a cluster with a spread of 300mm. 
    Custom coloured pendants are available 28.3 uses strain relief connections, which allow the pendant lengths to be adjusted on site

    The 28.3 comes standard with a brushed nickel canopy. 

    Custom coloured pendants are available