• Confair folding tables are Versatile, Space-saving and Superbly designed. Only one person is required to set up and rearrange the movable folding tables (without any tools). Special connectors allow the tables to be link in any direction.


    The table's structure makes it simple to use and transport. the look of the table reflects communication at a high level : from the conference and project-work room, to top -level executive offices. As options, cable channels, power supply connections and innovative techni-modules ensure interactive access to state-of-the-art multi-media equipment is so easy it has to be believed. The table is the perfect mix of well-used space, aesthetic appeal and advanced techinical function.


    Folding table with patented ease of use mechanism. Provides reconfiguration, flexibility and a wide range of office and seminar spaces. 


    Wide range of top finishes able to be provided with power/data reticulation.

    Wide range of top sizes, equiped with linking/lock mechanism

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