• Designer: Monica Armani

    Typology: Executive Office Furniture

    Collection: B&B Italia Project

    Year: 2006

    Chests of drawers with wheels in high-resistance steel sheet, painted with thermosetting powders, available in matt black or white colour. With integral closing and anti-tilting system.

    Technical information

    bright chromed drawn steel

    Internal frame (wooden tops):
    matt black painted steel sheet

    Internal frame (glass tops):
    white painted steel sheet

    extra light white back-painted glass, grey oak, brushed light oak or smoked stained oak veenered wood particles panel

    nickel steel sheet, grey thermoplastic material

    Adjustable ferrules:
    nickel steel and thermoplastic material

    Shelf with supports:
    white painted or mat black painted drawn steel and steel sheet

    Frame (P1DW2-P1DW3):
    white painted or matt black painted steel sheet

    Wheels (P1DW2-P1DW3):
    grey thermoplastic material

    Handle (P1DW2-P1DW3):
    black thermoplastic material

    Cable grommet (P1CA - P1CB):
    black painted steel sheet with lid in satin stainless steel

    Cable grommet (P1CO - P1CV):
    white or matt black painted steel sheet

    Vertebra cable holder (P1VE):
    black thermoplastic material