• The Lucca collection is composed of a bed with and without armrests, a long chaise longue, a short chaise longue (all with reclining backrest), an armchair 45 centimetres in height, a lower armchair (height of 37 centimetres) and a more relaxed posture, and several complements like side tables and trolleys. The chaises longues always have armrests and can also be fitted with wheels in the back legs. The finishes are: elastic mesh fixed to the structure by means of a plastic guide that runs along a channel designed in the specially developed profiles; veneered and treated tropical wood pieces to allow them to be used outdoors; and other possible finishes for indoor use, such as upholstery, varnished wood, etc. These are produces for which a series of specific profiles have been designed, with a variety of sections such as oval or the same shape with a guide. The connections are established by means of cast pieces with specific designs, or with milled pieces. Design: Joan Casas Ortínez