• Fonte, a round washbasin with large dimensions that can be placed in the middle of a room or near the wall, recalls the old Christian font or the garden fountains of 1800. It is characterized by the particular proportions of its deep basin and the central pedestal, the great thickness of the ceramic softened by the rounded borders and new textures and finishes. Fonte washbasin is presented in a smaller size but with the same classic shape and proportion of the first model. Fonte 50 is produced only in the bench version and it can be mounted on the various benches of the Flaminia Collections. Fonte Tonda is a bench basin round at the base and oval at the top. Fontana is a huge round basin it is realized in Pietraluce, combining the function of a bath-tub and a shower tray. The great thickness and rounded corners give it an appealing comfortable look. Fontana is completed by a waterproof curtain supported by a telescopic rail in polished stainless steel.