CITTERIO SPA - Freestanding office TYPE 1

  • Citterio Sound System is a full height demountable partioning system. When erected it provides a complete system of cubicles, finishing screens and panels that are acoustically rated to provide varying levels of sound attenuition.

    C-SS is a family of cubicles made of aluminium, glass and wood fibre panels that ranges from phone-booths to medium-sized meeting rooms. Each cubicle is finished with highly-soundproofing patented finishings, flat or pyramid-shaped.


    C-SS is a series of cubicles entirely made of solid wood and acoustic panels. This is Citterio’s technical and design-oriented solution to meet the market’s increasing attention towards natural and recyclable materials. Sound-absorbing panels, flat or pyramid-shaped,can be installed also in large installations, on ceilings or walls, and can be used to correct the acoustics in offices, meeting rooms and auditoriums.
    Island is a system of self-supporting screens of various height, used to separate workstations and to correct their acoustics. Sound System matches and integrates with architectural elements, aiming at obtaining the best acoustics and environmental quality.


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