manufactured by: FLAMINIA

    Year of production: 1999

    A revolutionary model. The WC's and the bidets of the market are generally limited to sets and rarely match; the Link pieces, on the contrary are independently created. The pure and neural line easily fits into all contemporary surroundings. The idea is to offer an innovative but functional element for the bathroom. 

    Mini Link is a version of the wall hung Link if smaller dimensions satisfying even extra-small settings and through the adaption of the chrome base in polished of matte steel, it can become back to wall.


  • Flaminia proposes an innovative technical solution, specially designed to help you clean up effortlessly and make the best use of your time: goclean®.

    The elimination of the rim (so that the inner surface of the toilet bowl is entirely visible, with no hard-to-reach hidden parts) and a controlled amount of water discharged with each flush (of between 4.5 and 6 litres as required by the applicable regulations) ensure greater hygiene and much greater ease of use than traditional systems – two features of vital importance to any domestic or public bathroom.


    Moreover, besides a toilet bowl that is easy to clean with maximum ease, also thanks to its rounded surfaces (all it takes is a simple swipe with a sponge, a quick, effortless gesture), goclean® features smooth lines and a pleasing appearance. It differs from any other WC, in that it has no added elements and the inside of the bowl is perfectly smooth, thereby enhancing the practical and aesthetic value of the toilet. Controlled flushing also meets water saving needs.