• docks are ophelis‘ response to wide-reaching new office requirements. Previously underused areas of the office will fulfil – as a complement to the classic work desk – the new requirements of an evolving way of working. These zones can be used as places to work and to communicate, as well as for quiet contemplation.

    • docks are islands in the office.
    • docks create connections and transitions.
    • docks provide an interface and a meeting point.
    • docks offer a place for quiet concentration and relaxation.
    • docks are a shared piece of furniture.

    The special features of ophelis docks

    • Freely configurable modular system
    • Equipment of all relaxation, communication and central zones with a continuous system
    • Variety: in addition to upholstered elements with backrest, there are also boards, tables, high and standing benches at lounge, seating and standing height
    • “Bricks” components offer additional benefits such as e-box, planting bowl, container or lap table for conveniently working at lounge level
    • Partitions provide visual and acoustic shielding
    • Supplementary components: stool, armchair, high back chair, wing chair, laptable floor, cushion, headrest and arm cushions
    • Basic module is a square of 90 by 90 centimetres, based on which designs in the 15 cm pattern are “infinitely” possible
    • Additionally: preconfigured elements in 60 cm depth for restricted layouts or wall-facing arrangement
    • Invisible cable management in the frame enables flexible electrical connections
    • Variety of design options thanks to broad range of textiles