• The XT-A office floor lamp series is a further design line in our office lighting collection. Also based on the OSA glare suppression technology.

    The efficiency factor is very high. The luminance in the vicinity of the lamp head is an optimal <1000cd/m² at 65°.


    XT-A FLOOR 4x55W is fitted with a newly developed presence sensor that picks up presence very precisely. In addition, it swivels and thus has a reach of up to six metres. The sensor control is integrated in standard manner into the lamp with only 0.2 watt standby electricity consumption. Different modes as well as turning off the presence sensor are possible.

    Design: Tobias Grau


    Please note: This lamp is supplied without a light source. Please select the relevant items if required.
    This luminaire must be equipped with an energy-saving lamp, energy class A+.
    sensor + dimmer integrated