• The office luminaire programme XT-S impresses due to the extremely flat and elegant design of the luminaire heads. 
    This is made possible through the combination of the latest LED technology and a newly developed light panel, resulting in optimum glare control and light distribution throughout the workplace.

    There are six pre-refined light colours of warm white and daylight white light, ranging between 2700K to 6000K ("Tunable White"), which can be chosen to suit the time of day or lighting requirement.

    The program includes standing, suspension and wall luminaires as well as table adaptations. All variations are offered in white and charcoal colour.

    Design: Tobias Grau


    This luminaire is offered specific to the country of use with a nominal voltage of 220-240 V or 120 V.
    tunable white
    The luminaire is controlled by sensors. Both the upward and downward light is deglared, manually dimmable and independently switchable.