• Function

    Lightweight, stackable, multipurpose all-plastic chair. The form, elasticity and ergonomic design of the seat shell provide excellent comfort even when people are sitting on it for longer periods of time. Six colours (two of which are on request) and four types of upholstery tap into a wide range of furnishing and design options for multipurpose facilities, canteens, seminar rooms, conference areas or co-working spaces.


    Frame / armrests

    All-plastic frame made of throughdyed, fibreglass-reinforced ultramid in white, black, grey, greybeige plus orange-red and blue-grey on request, with universal glides, optionally with felt glides, optionally with or without armrests in the same material and colour.


    Seat and backrest

    Unitary, ergonomically moulded seat shell with through-dyed, fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene to match the frame and armrests in white, black, grey, grey-beige plus orange-red or blue-grey on request. Model 238/11 with seat cushioning, model 238/12 with padding on the inside (= unitary seat-backrest cushioning) each with replaceable upholstery element made of plywood and breathable polyurethane foam. Model 238/13, fully upholstered, plywood shell with unitary seat-backrest cushioning made of polyurethane foam, shell fully covered with fabric.



    Permanent inline connector made of bent steel, black zinc-plated only to link chairs without armrests (retrofittable). Adjustable, pull-out inline connector made of bent steel, black zincplated with clip made of fibreglassreinforced polyamide in anthracite for variable linkage of chairs with armrests and chairs with and without armrests (retrofittable). Magnetic clip for seat and row numbering made of plastic in anthracite, can be slotted onto the frame on the right or the left. Number tags with white numbers on anthracite sheet steel. Fold-up writing tablet, pad made of HPL in black, connector made of black plastic (retrofittable). Only for chairs with armrests, stacking capabilities are retained.


    Dimensions, weights

    Chair without armrests: seating height 45 cm, total height 81 cm, width 55 cm, depth 75 cm Chair with armrests: seating height 45 cm, total height 81 cm, armrest height 67 cm, width 63 cm, depth 75 cm Weight: 6 kg without armrests, 6.75 kg with armrests Maximum number of chairs that can be stacked: 16 free-standing, stacking height 211 cm 10 on a four-wheeled trolley, stacking height 182 cm Height between chairs when stacked: 90 mm Centre-to-centre distances: When linked without armrests: 550 mm When linked with and without armrests: 600 mm When linked with armrests: 640 mm

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